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Looking for a nice set of Union bindings? Then you've come to the right place at Snowboards.co.uk! In our collection you will find the new Union bindings for both men and women in the nicest and newest colors. Do you already know which Union binding suits your riding style or matches perfectly with your snowboard? Check out the latest bindings from Union.

The story behind Union bindings

Union Binding Company is the world's leading manufacturer and developer of snowboard bindings. More and more snowboarders around the world trust Union more than any other binding brand currently on the market. Union is all about focus and dedication. The motto "Stronger" doesn't just stand for the product - it represents all facets of the company.

Union Bindings was founded in 2005 by Martino Fumagalli and George Kleckner in Seattle, Washington. With a lot of experience from their previous jobs at Northwave/Drake, they felt it was time for a fresh and new snowboard binding brand on the snowboard market. They exploded onto the snowboard scene with an extremely durable and rock-solid binding. To this day, the company remains independent and owned by the employees dedicated to Union bindings.

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What size Union bindings do I need?

Before ordering new Union bindings, it is important to determine the right size. First, look carefully at the size listed in your snowboard boot. Sizes for men's models run from S, M and L. Size S runs from 37-41 and size M from 40-43. Size L is the largest size and runs from 43 to larger.

The sizing of Union bindings for women is slightly different. Size S runs from 34-37 and size M from 41.

All Union bindings are perfectly adjustable to the boot. The possibilities are endless, so you can always get your snowboard boots centered in your binding.

Advantages of Union bindings

Union bindings offer an array of benefits that are essential for both novice and experienced snowboarders. These bindings are known for their excellent performance and comfort, making them a favorite choice among snowboarders of all levels.
One of the main advantages of Union bindings is their durability and quality. They are manufactured with high-quality materials and advanced technologies, resulting in bindings that can withstand the rough conditions of snowboarding and last a long time.
In addition, Union bindings offer a precise and responsive fit. Various adjustment options allow you to customize the bindings to your own preferences and style, giving you complete control over your snowboard. The precise fit provides a direct transfer of movement, allowing you to steer, carve and perform tricks effortlessly.
The comfort of Union bindings is also remarkable. With ergonomically designed straps and cushioning systems, they offer a pleasant riding experience, even during long days on the mountain. You can rely on the fact that your feet are well supported and any shocks are absorbed.

Finally, Union bindings are available in a variety of models and styles, so you can choose the perfect binding to suit you. Whether you are a freestyler, freerider or all-mountain snowboarder, there is a Union binding that will meet your needs and help you get the most out of your snowboarding experience.

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What makes Union bindings so popular?

Virtually all components incorporated into Union bindings are made in-house. This means that the technologies incorporated into these bindings can't be found anywhere else. Union is known as a durable company that produces quality equipment that continues to function even in harsh conditions, but doesn't compromise on comfort. Over the years, Union has developed several new materials, such as Extruded Aluminum, Injected Magnesium or Machined Coring™. As a result, Union 's bindings are lighter, more responsive and more durable than other bindings available on the market. Forged Carbon also pushes the boundaries when it comes to strength and weight.

The most popular snowboard Union bindings

The most popular models of Union bindings are often defined by their versatility, performance and adaptability to different riding styles. One of the most popular models is the Union Force binding. With its durability, responsive fit and excellent cushioning, the Force is a favorite among novice and experienced snowboarders alike. This binding offers reliable performance on a variety of terrains and is suitable for freestyle, freeride and all-mountain riders.

Another popular model is the Union Atlas binding. This binding is known for its stiffness and responsiveness, making it ideal for aggressive carving and fast descents. The Atlas also offers enough cushioning to absorb shock, ensuring a smooth ride on rougher surfaces.

For freestyle enthusiasts, the Union Contact binding is a much-loved option. With its light weight and flexible design, the Contact is ideal for performing tricks and jumps in the park. The minimal contact with the board provides a direct and natural board feel.

Finally, the Union Strata binding is popular with snowboarders who prefer a binding suitable for both freestyle and freeride. With its adjustable flex and comfortable fit, the Strata offers versatility and control in a variety of conditions.

These models are just a few examples of the popular Union bindings. Each binding has unique features to suit different riding styles and preferences. It is recommended to consider which features best suit your snowboarding experience before making your choice. With Union bindings, you can rely on high-quality performance and a great riding experience, no matter which model you choose

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