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All about SP bindings

SP bindings were developed by the company SP United, which was founded in sunny California in 1999. After its founding, SP bindings have built a reputation as one of the best producers of snowboard bindings on the market.

SP bindings were created by a group of snowboarders who were dissatisfied with the limited choice of snowboard bindings on the market. They were looking for a lightweight, flexible and strong binding that could meet the needs of different snowboarders. In 2002, SP United released their first SP snowboard binding on the market. The SP1 quickly gained cult status among a large group of avid snowboarders. Since then, SP bindings have continued to evolve by applying new echnologies and designs. In 2007, they introduced their Fastex system, which finally put the brand on the map. The SP Fastec system is a quick-entry system that allows snowboarders to easily and quickly get in and out of their bindings. No need to take off your gloves, and all without sacrificing directness and control.

SP bindings with Fastec system

SP bindings also regularly call themselves Fastec bindings. The name Fastec comes from fast technology and refers to the quick and convenient entry system that SP snowboard bindings have. Unlike traditional strap bindings where you have to manually fasten the straps each time, Fastec bindings have a single strap that snaps on and off with a simple motion. This allows for quick and comfortable entry and exit. Ideal when you go on winter sports with a group of skiers or when you have difficulty closing traditional bindings and don't feel like sitting on your butt every time.

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Advantages of SP bindings with Fastec

SP bindings with Fastec have some advantages over traditional bindings. SP bindings can quickly and easily adjust words to provide a comfortable and direct fit without having to take off your gloves. In addition, the large contoured strap provides better power transfer where SP bindings offer more control and response when turning and maneuvering.

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Why choose SP bindings

In short, SP snowboard bindings are an excellent choice for boarders of all levels looking for ease, comfort, stability and performance during their winter sports. With their innovative designs, responsive construction and wide range of colors and designs, SP bindings are one of the most popular and reliable snowboard bindings on the market.

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