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Welcome to the wonderful world of snowboarding! We are delighted to assist you in making the right choice among various snowboards, boots, bindings, or other snowboard-related items. Make the most of your next skiing trip with the snowboarding gear that suits you best!


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What is a freeride snowboard? plus-icon

A freeride snowboard is a type of snowboard specifically designed for off-piste riding and exploring un-groomed terrains outside of designated trails. It is intended for snowboarders who enjoy adventurous descents in deep powder snow, steep slopes, and challenging terrain.

What are the characteristics of a freeride snowboard? plus-icon

Characteristics of a freeride snowboard are designed to meet the needs of riding in off-piste conditions and exploring diverse terrains. Some features include: a directional shape, a relatively stiff flex, a camber profile, and a setback stance.

How long should a freeride snowboard be? plus-icon

The length of a freeride snowboard depends on various factors, including your height, weight, riding style, and preferences. Generally, a freeride snowboard is ridden approximately 2 to 4 cm longer than an all-mountain snowboard.

When to choose a freeride snowboard? plus-icon

You may choose a freeride snowboard if you are interested in riding outside of groomed slopes and exploring off-piste terrain. Freeride snowboards are designed to perform well in various terrain conditions, especially in deep powder snow, steep slopes, and rough surfaces.

What is the cost of a freeride snowboard? plus-icon

The price of a freeride snowboard can vary depending on factors such as the brand, quality, technologies used, and any additional features. Generally, freeride snowboards can range in price from around €400 to €1000 or more. However, there are also cheaper or more expensive options available, depending on your budget and the specific features you are looking for.

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When you're on the ski elevator, are you always looking for opportunities to dive into the fresh powder? Then you are definitely a however freerider. If you regularly go off the beaten track, you will benefit immensely from a suitable freeride snowboard. At you've come to the right place for your entire snowboarding equipment. We have freeride snowboards from the best brands in stock. Furthermore, we're happy to help you find the right board so you can have maximum fun in the snow. Check out our collection of snowboards for men and women.

What is a freeride snowboard?

There are different terms used to describe different boards. A freeride snowboard is characterized by its shape. Most freeride-oriented snowboards have a directional shape. This means that the bindings are placed backwards. This gives you a longer nose and a shorter tail. The advantage of this is that it allows you to better steer into turns and carve on tightly groomed slopes. In addition, freeride boards have a tapered tail. This means that the tail is narrower than the nose. A wide tip or nose floats better in the powder. Because of the narrower tail you sink a little deeper through the snow so you have to put less power on your back leg to keep your board above the powder.

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What characterizes a freeride snowboard?

A freeride snowboard is a board that you can use both on and off the slopes. You can recognize a freeride snowboard by its shape. Almost all freeride boards have a directional shape. Besides the longer nose, these boards usually have a tapered tail. The tail is narrower than the nose/tip. A directional shape steers tighter on the slopes and provides more float in the powder. The combination of a narrower tail and the fact that you stand more at the back of your snowboard ensures that the back of the board sinks slightly into the powder. This keeps the nose "floating" well and you don't have to keep as much pressure on your back leg. And that saves a lot of burning legs!

Advantages of a freeride snowboard

A freeride snowboard offers numerous advantages for adventurous snowboarders who like to go off the beaten path. These specialized boards are designed to perform in unprepared snow and off-piste conditions.
The main advantage of a freeride snowboard is its excellent buoyancy in deep powder. With a wider nose and narrower tail, freeride snowboards can easily glide through deep snow, allowing you to float effortlessly and enjoy adrenaline-filled descents.
Freeride snowboards often have a stiffer and more responsive flex pattern, providing stability and control at high speeds and rough terrain.
The design of a freeride snowboard also allows you to maneuver through trees and technical descents, giving you more opportunities to explore the terrain and take on new challenges.

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Long and short freeride snowboards

Generally, you ride a freeride snowboard 2-4 inches longer than an all mountain snowboard. Nowadays, you see more and more shorter freeride snowboards. You can ride these "short boards" shorter because they are wider. Short freeride snowboards are more maneuverable in powder and ideal for slaloming between trees. You can also have a lot of fun on the slopes with such a short freeride snowboard. Are you more of the big and long turns and go for maximum speed? Then a long freeride snowboard is a good choice. A good option is the Jones Flagship. Do you prefer more playful riding and are you often to be found on the edge of the slopes? Then a short freeride snowboard is a good choice. A nice example is the Bataleon partywave.

What is the ideal length of a freeride snowboard?

The ideal length of a freeride snowboard depends on several factors. One important aspect is your height and weight. In general, freeride snowboards are longer than freestyle snowboards. Are you looking for a freeride snowboard with which you want to give maximum throttle on the piste and prefer big and long turns? Then choose a longer length +/- 2-4 cm longer than an all mountain snowboard.

Nowadays you also see a lot of shorter freeride snowboards. These types of boards are specially designed to ride them short as well. The boards are very maneuverable and have as much float as a longer one because they are also wider to compensate for the length. These boards are again ideal when you like to go between the trees.

When to choose a freeride snowboard?

Regularly we get the question why you should choose a freeride snowboard instead of an all mountain board. First of all, let's say that fun on the mountain comes first. Do you already have some weeks of experience and are you a type of boarder who likes maximum speed and likes to board off-piste? Do you usually go with skiers and rarely find yourself in the fun park? Then a freeride snowboard is a suitable choice.

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At, you can order your new freeride snowboard from your favorite brand safely and quickly. You can find boards from Bataleon, Jones, Arbor, Lib Tech, Burton, Gnu, Roxy, Nidecker and THE Boardscompany. Additionally, check out freeride bindings if you're looking for a freeride snowboard. Need more information or advice? Feel free to contact us so we can help you find your new board. Would you rather see and feel the snowboards, bindings and boots in real life? Come to our snowboard shop.