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Welcome to the wonderful world of snowboarding! We are delighted to assist you in making the right choice among various snowboards, boots, bindings, or other snowboard-related items. Make the most of your next skiing trip with the snowboarding gear that suits you best!


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What is a camber snowboard? plus-icon

A camber snowboard, also known as a traditional camber snowboard, is a type of snowboard where the center of the board (between the bindings) curves upward while the tip and tail make contact with the ground. This creates an arch shape that raises the center of the board off the snow.

What are the Benefits of a camber snowboard plus-icon

The camber profile provides excellent power transfer and edge grip as the board is pre-loaded in the center. This gives the board stability and pop, making it suitable for aggressive carving, high-speed descents, and powerful turns on hard, groomed slopes.

What are the disadvantages of a camber snowboard? plus-icon

However, the camber profile can also result in less forgiveness and stability in variable terrain and snow conditions, especially in deep powder snow. It can also make it more challenging for beginners to initiate turns as the board provides more resistance and can catch edges more easily.

Is a camber snowboard only for advanced riders? plus-icon

No, a camber snowboard is not only for advanced snowboarders. While camber snowboards are known for their responsiveness and power, they can also be suitable for riders of various skill levels, depending on their preferences, abilities, and the conditions in which they ride.

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You've made the decision to buy a new snowboard. Very good! But do you already know if it should be a camber snowboard? At you are at the right place for your new snowboard with a camber profile. You can find the best camber boards from the best brands like, Bataleon, Jones, Lib-Tech, Roxy, Arbor, Burton, Nidecker, Rome, Capita and Gnu.

Advantages and disadvantages of snowboards with camber profile

It is by no means true that camber snowboards are only suitable for advanced riders. After all, 15 years ago there were only camber snowboards available. It is true, however, that a camber board punishes a little faster than a rocker snowboard. This is because the tip and tail are not pushed down but rather up. This makes a rocker snowboard less likely to bite which is another advantage for a beginning snowboarder. So most expert and advanced snowboards will have a camber profile.

Advantages of snowboards with camber

  • Stable at high speeds
  • Lots of pop / rebound
  • Fast edge changes
  • Lots of grip

Disadvantages of snowboards with camber

  • Edging costs more energy
  • The board is more likely to bite. Especially on less steep slopes
  • Penalty sooner when you want to learn new tricks

camber snowboards

With a camber snowboard in the powder

Using a camber snowboard in powder can be a challenging experience, but it is certainly possible to enjoy it if you have the right technique and skills. Camber snowboards have a traditional arch shape, where the center of the board bends down and the nose and tail come off the ground. In deep powder, this can cause the board to sink into the snow, causing snagging and making it harder to maneuver.
To get the most out of a camber snowboard in powder, it is important to distribute your weight well and lean powerfully on the back foot to keep the nose up. It takes more technical skill and effort to ride through powder compared to a rocker or hybrid snowboard.
Although camber snowboards offer better pop and precision on hard slopes, they can be less forgiving in powder and require a more advanced rider to take full advantage of them. However, if you enjoy challenges and want to improve your powder riding technique, riding a camber snowboard in powder can be a learning and rewarding experience.

camber snowboard

Snowboards with a camber profile

In general, you can say that every snowboard has a camber, rocker or flatbase profile. Camber is the most traditional profile. A camber snowboard is characterized by the center of the board being off the ground and the tip and tail having contact with the ground. As soon as you step on the board, pressure is put on the tip and tail which provides grip and power. Almost all carving snowboards have a camber profile. Camber snowboards are also often offered as freeride snowboards and all mountain snowboards.

Camber rocker hybrid snowboard

Technology has not stood still in recent years. This has resulted in different forms of camber that combine the advantages of camber with the advantages of rocker. This profile is called hybrid camber.

These snowboards have camber between the binding for power and precision and rocker in nose and tail for forgiveness and float.

More pop with a camber snowboard

Camber snowboards are known for their excellent pop, which refers to the board's ability to make explosive and powerful ollies and jumps. The traditional arch shape of a camber snowboard causes the center of the board to curve downward, lifting the nose and tail off the ground when you apply pressure. This creates natural resilience and energy storage in the board.
While performing an ollie, the camber flexes and absorbs the force of your legs. When you release that force, the board jumps up explosively, allowing you to reach impressive heights. This makes camber snowboards popular with freestyle riders who like to perform tricks and jumps in the park.
The camber construction also offers better stability and responsiveness, which is useful when performing precision turns and carving on hard slopes. Camber snowboards are often the preferred choice of advanced snowboarders because of the control and pop they offer.
In short, if you are looking for a snowboard with maximum pop, explosive ollies and powerful jumps, a camber snowboard is the ideal choice. It offers a playful and dynamic riding experience, perfect for freestyle riders and those who enjoy technically challenging rides.

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