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Welcome to the wonderful world of snowboarding! We are delighted to assist you in making the right choice among various snowboards, boots, bindings, or other snowboard-related items. Make the most of your next skiing trip with the snowboarding gear that suits you best!


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What is an advanced snowboard? plus-icon

A snowboard for advanced riders is designed for experienced snowboarders who are already familiar with the basics of snowboarding and want to improve their skills. These snowboards are typically stiffer and more responsive than beginner snowboards, making them better suited for faster and more aggressive riding styles.

What is the price of an advanced snowboard? plus-icon

The price of a snowboard for advanced riders can vary widely depending on factors such as the brand, quality, technologies, and specifications of the snowboard. Generally, snowboards for advanced riders can range in price from around €300 to €600 or more.

What is the best snowboard for advanced riders? plus-icon

It is difficult to pinpoint one specific snowboard as the best snowboard for advanced riders because the choice depends on personal preferences, riding style, and the specific conditions in which you want to snowboard. However, there are some brands and models that are known for their quality and performance for advanced snowboarders.

Which snowboard for advanced riders suits me? plus-icon

To find the snowboard that best suits you as an advanced snowboarder, there are several factors to consider. These include your riding style, preference for camber profile, body weight, and height as personal preferences.

Where to buy a snowboard for advanced riders? plus-icon

There are various places where you can buy a snowboard for advanced riders. We always recommend purchasing an advanced snowboard from a specialist. At, you can buy a snowboard for advanced riders both online and in our physical snowboard shop. In our shop, we strive to provide detailed descriptions of the snowboards. If you visit our shop, we will personally assist you in finding a perfectly fitting snowboard for advanced riders.

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Do you already have several years of snowboarding experience and are in need of a new snowboard? Are you not only looking for blue runs but prefer to go down red or even black? Check out our collection of advanced snowboards from the best brands. Think of boards from Bataleon, Jones, Lib-Tech, Roxy, Arbor, Burton, Nidecker, Rome, Capita and Gnu.

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What to look for in an advanced snowboard?

After spending several weeks in the snow, you are past "beginner" status. You have developed a good technique and perhaps a preference for a certain style. An advanced snowboard is made using different techniques and materials than a beginner's snowboard. The first feature that shows that a snowboard is designed for advanced snowboarders is that it has a sintered base. A sintered base snowboard is harder and absorbs more wax than an extruded base snowboard. This makes you glide easier and longer. In addition, the core of the board is reinforced with, for example, a triax fiber or even carbon. These additions result in a snowboard that is both stiffer in length and torsion. In practice, you're going to find that the board is more stable at higher speeds and maintains better grip on hard slopes. So you will have to have a better technique if you want to snowboard well with an advanced snowboard.

As an advanced snowboarder, choosing the right snowboard is essential to get the most out of your snowboarding experience. There are several important aspects to consider when buying a snowboard suitable for advanced riders.
First, it is important to choose the right snowboard profile. Camber profiles offer stability and power for fast descents and carves, while rocker profiles offer more maneuverability and forgiveness for freestyle tricks and off-piste riding. A hybrid profile can combine the best of both worlds.
In addition, the flexibility of the snowboard is important. Advanced riders often benefit from a snowboard with a slightly stiffer flex because it offers more control an