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Bob Smith developed in 1965, as an avid skier, the first ski goggles with thermal lens with breathable foam finish. After more than 50 years, Smith Goggles are one of the best available on the market. Today, the brand is known for its good quality, wide range and fantastic vision in all weather conditions.

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Advantages of Smith goggles

Smith goggles offer numerous advantages that make them a favorite choice among winter sports enthusiasts. These advanced goggles combine innovative technologies, high-quality materials and stylish design to provide an unparalleled experience during various activities such as snowboarding and skiing.

One of the most notable benefits of Smith goggles is the ChromaPop technology. This advanced lens technology significantly improves brightness, contrast and color perception, providing the wearer with vivid and accurate vision. This allows users to have better depth perception, better assess terrain and react quickly to changing conditions.

In addition, Smith goggles feature an innovative ventilation system. Strategically placed vents and airflow minimize condensation and keep the lenses clear, even during intense activities. This ensures unobstructed vision and prevents fogging, which is essential while snowboarding or skiing.

The design of Smith goggles also focuses on comfort and fit. With adjustable straps, three-layer foam and compatibility with helmets, these goggles offer a comfortable fit and secure attachment. They are designed to fit closely to the face and not cause pressure points, allowing users to move freely without distraction.

In addition, Smith goggles are made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and protection. The lenses have a scratch-resistant coating to maintain long-lasting clarity, while the frames provide impact resistance and protect against bumps and drops.

Smith goggles with spherical lens

It makes for a pretty face. A ski goggle with "convex" lenses nicely flatters the curve of the helmet so that it appears one. These convex lenses are called spherical lenses. Such a lens follows the curvature of the eye, making your eyes less likely to fatigue. Some models of Smith goggles with a spherical lens are the Vice, I/O, I/O mag and the Skyline.

Smith ski goggles with cylindrical lenses

You may have seen the term come up before. A cylindrical lens is a curved lens on the horizontal plane and also on the vertical plane. You can also say that the lens is cut from a tube. This makes for a sleek vision. The Smith Vogue, Squad, Drift and the Frontier are ski goggles from Smith with a cylindrical lens.

Chromapop lenses in Smith goggles

Smith has a special Chromapop lens for every type of weather for the ultimate vision in any condition. Now of course we understand very well that you do not feel like changing your lens every day during your vacation.

Smith has divided these interchangeable lenses into 3 categories. S0, S2 and the S3. There are also so-called Chromapop Photochromic lenses. These lenses color along with the amount of uv light it receives.

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S2: The all-round lens for almost all conditions.

S1: The lens for bad weather.

S3: The lens for the best weather with a clear blue sky.

Smith Squad with additional lens

One of the most sold ski goggles in Smith 's collection is the Squad. This model has two versions. The "normal" and an XL version. The difference between the two ski goggles, besides the size, is that the Squad Xl comes with two Chromapop lenses. In addition, the XL comes with 3-layer foam which makes it just more comfortable to fit the shape of your face.

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Smith Vice

One of the models that has been in the collection for several years is the Smith Vice. This model has the same quality lens as its big brother the I/O. The goggles are of course equipped with a Chromapop lens and 3-layer foam.

Smith I/O MAG 4D

The latest model from the Smith family is the 4D mag. With the 4D, Smith sets a new standard when it comes to creating maximum visibility with your goggle on. All the techniques Smith has in store have been applied in these goggles. Like BirdsEye VisionTM with the long-proven Chromapop and you can see details even in the worst weather! This state-of-the-art lens technology has a larger (25% more) overall field of view compared to the I/O MAG and all other ski goggles.

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