Smith Optics: The Story Behind Innovative Goggles and Helmets

Smith is a name synonymous with high-quality goggles, helmets and accessories that push the boundaries of style, technology and performance. In this description, we'll take you through the fascinating story behind this leading company and find out why Smith is a favorite choice among winter sports enthusiasts and adventurers worldwide.


Origins and Founding of Smith

The story of Smith Optics began in 1965 in Sun Valley, Idaho, when Dr. Bob Smith, a dentist and ski enthusiast, had a vision to create innovative eyewear that would exceed the needs of athletes and adventurers. Frustrated with the continuous fogging of glasses while skiing, Dr. Smith used foam, adhesives and vents to create a dual lens air circulation system that reduced condensation and improved skiers' vision. This innovation laid the foundation for the iconic Smith ski goggles.

Commitment to Innovation from Smith

Smith has always strived to innovate and advance. By constantly listening to the needs of athletes and investing in advanced technologies, the brand has achieved a series of remarkable milestones. In 1979, they introduced the first adjustable ventilation helmet for skiers and snowboarders, revolutionizing head protection. In 1983, they launched the first self-tinting lenses for eyewear, allowing athletes to adapt to different light conditions without changing glasses.


Sustainability and Responsibility

In addition to innovation, Smith Optics is committed to sustainability and social responsibility. They strive to make products that last a long time and have less impact on the environment. The brand uses biodegradable materials and reduces their carbon footprint by optimizing their manufacturing processes. In addition, Smith Optics supports local communities and organizations dedicated to preserving the outdoors.

Smith Optics Today

Today, Smith Optics continues to lead the outdoor industry with a wide range of products, including ski goggles, sunglasses, helmets and accessories. Each product is driven by innovation, functionality and style. The brand continues to collaborate with professional athletes to design and test products that meet the demands of extreme conditions and intense performance.


Smith Optics has a rich history of innovation and dedication to providing high-quality eyewear, helmets and accessories for athletes and adventurers around the world. It all started with a vision from Dr. Bob Smith and grew into a globally recognized brand synonymous with quality, technology and style. Whether you're on the slopes, on the water or in the wilderness, Smith Optics is here to provide you with the best gear possible so you can confidently pursue your passion and explore the world.