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Welcome to the wonderful world of snowboarding! We are delighted to assist you in making the right choice among various snowboards, boots, bindings, or other snowboard-related items. Make the most of your next skiing trip with the snowboarding gear that suits you best!


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What are snowboard boots with a soft flex?

Snowboard boots with a soft flex have a flexible construction that offers more freedom of movement. They are less stiff than boots with a medium or stiff flex, providing more comfort and forgiveness.

What are the benefits of snowboard boots with a soft flex?

Snowboard boots with a soft flex are more comfortable and forgiving, making them ideal for beginners and recreational snowboarders. They are easier to bend and offer a playful feel, especially when performing tricks and riding in the park.

Are snowboard boots with a soft flex suitable for beginners?

Yes, snowboard boots with a soft flex are highly suitable for beginners. They provide a comfortable fit and require less force to flex, which is ideal for snowboarders who are still developing their skills.

Which snowboarding styles are most suitable for snowboard boots with a soft flex?

Snowboard boots with a soft flex are most suitable for freestyle riding and park riding. They offer the freedom of movement and forgiveness needed for performing tricks and jumps.

Can I use snowboard boots with a soft flex for all-mountain riding?

Yes, snowboard boots with a soft flex can be used for all-mountain riding, especially if you prefer a comfortable and forgiving riding experience. However, for more aggressive all-mountain riders, a medium flex may be more suitable.

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Looking for softboots for your snowboard? Then you've come to the right place at Snowboard boots with a soft or soft flex are more forgiving for your legs and are less likely to punish a mistake. Snowboard shoes require less energy to turn turns. In addition, they provide less pressure on the shins. Softboots snowboard are ideal for freestylers and jibbers, but also very suitable for the beginner snowboarder.

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What does a soft flex say about a snowboard boot?

You regularly hear the term flex and stiffness come up when we talk about snowboard boots. What exactly do we mean by that? The softer the flex, the easier the shoe is to bend. When you want to turn a corner, you need to be able to bend your knees over your toes. The stiffer the shoe, the more difficult this is. A snowboard boot with a soft flex goes well with a beginner snowboard. You also have the choice of hard boots for your snowboard or a medium flex.

Soft flex snowboard boots for jibbing

Do you spend many hours in the fun park? Are you an experienced freestyler? Then snowboard boots with a soft flex are ideal for your riding style. To jib, you need freedom of movement and soft flex snowboard boots offer that!

Soft flex snowboard boots only for beginners?

No, soft flex snowboard boots are not only for beginners. Although these shoes are often recommended for beginners because of their forgiving and comfortable features, they are also popular with experienced snowboarders for several reasons.
Soft flex snowboard boots offer a smoother and more forgiving flex, meaning they are easier to flex. This makes them ideal for snowboarders who like to try out freestyle techniques in the park or halfpipe. The soft flex also makes it easier to land tricks and jumps, making them popular with freestyle snowboarders.
In addition, experienced snowboarders can appreciate soft flex shoes for their comfort during long days on the mountain. The soft materials and fit reduce pressure points and reduce foot fatigue, which is important during long runs or off-piste adventures.
In short, although soft flex snowboard boots are often recommended to beginners, they are also suitable for experienced snowboarders looking for comfort, forgiveness and the ability to try out freestyle techniques. It is important to choose boots that suit your riding style, level and personal preferences, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced snowboarder.

Ordering snowboard softboots online

At you are at the right place if you are looking for soft boots for your snowboard. In our collection you'll find snowboard boots from the best brands like Burton, VANS, ThirtyTwo, Nidecker and Rome.

Our advice is always to come by so we can measure your feet and advise you properly. It may sound strange but buying a snowboard is easier than buying a pair of good soft flex snowboard boots. The most common mistake is to buy shoes too big. When you get the right size you will notice that you feel the front of the boots when you stand up straight. When you go through your knees you will notice that your toes are released. Stop by our snowboard shop to see our entire collection of snowboard boots.

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