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Welcome to the wonderful world of snowboarding! We are delighted to assist you in making the right choice among various snowboards, boots, bindings, or other snowboard-related items. Make the most of your next skiing trip with the snowboarding gear that suits you best!


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What are the benefits of snowboard boots with laces?

Snowboard boots with laces are easy to customize to the individual foot shape, and you can adjust the tension in different areas separately. This provides a personalized and precise fit.

Are snowboard boots with laces suitable for all snowboarding styles?

Yes, snowboard boots with laces are suitable for all snowboarding styles. The lacing system offers a precise fit and is popular among snowboarders of all levels and disciplines.

Are snowboard boots with laces more expensive or cheaper than other closure systems?

Generally, snowboard boots with laces are often slightly cheaper than models with more advanced closure systems like BOA or quick lacing systems. Traditional laces are a simpler technology, which can reduce costs.

Are there specific techniques to properly lace up snowboard boots?

Yes, it's important to lace up your snowboard boots properly for a good fit. Start at the toes and work upward, ensuring you tighten the laces evenly. You can adjust the tension in different parts of the boot to optimize comfort and support.

Can I easily adjust the laces of snowboard boots while snowboarding?

Snowboard boots with laces can be adjusted while snowboarding, but it may be more challenging than with BOA closure systems or quick lacing systems. It requires taking off your snowboard and removing your gloves to adjust the laces.

Snowboard boots with laces

Snowboard boots with laces are old skool but still contemporary! Snowboard boots with the traditional lacing system are cheaper unlike snowboard boots with BOA. And okay, you might spend a few seconds longer putting on and closing your boots in the morning, but then they are right on. After all, you only put on and take off your snowboard boots once a day.

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Snowboard boots with laces from the best brands

Looking for new snowboard boots with laces? Then is the place to be. In our collection, you'll find boots with laces from brands like VANS, ThirtyTwo, Rome, Nidecker and Burton. The advantage of snowboard boots with laces is that they can be adjusted perfectly. In addition, they are slightly more economical and replacing betters is quite simple.

Advantages of snowboard boots with laces

Snowboard boots with laces offer several advantages that make them popular with many snowboarders. First, laces offer a classic and familiar closure, making many people feel comfortable and familiar with this closure system. It allows riders to accurately adjust the tension in the shoes according to their preferences and needs.
Another advantage is the versatility of laces. Traditional laces allow you to adjust the fit of the shoes on different parts of your feet, giving you a customized and personalized fit. This can be especially useful if your feet are uneven or if you need extra support in specific areas.
Snowboard boots with laces also tend to be lighter than other closure systems, adding less weight to your snowboarding gear and giving you more maneuverability and freedom of movement while riding.
In addition, snowboard boots with laces are usually slightly cheaper than boots with more advanced closure systems, making them an attractive option for snowboarders on a limited budget.
Overall, snowboard boots with laces offer a simple, reliable and affordable way to keep your feet comfortable and secure in your snowboard bindings, so you can enjoy a great day on the slopes.

Snowboard boots with laces not only for freestylers

Snowboard boots with laces are not just for freestylers, but for all types of snowboarders. Using laces as a closure system offers many advantages that are attractive to both beginners and experienced riders.
One of the main advantages of laces is the ability to precisely adjust the fit to the individual foot. This makes it easier for snowboarders of all levels to find a comfortable and supportive fit. For example, beginners can benefit from the ability to tie the shoes tighter for added stability and control, while experienced snowboarders can loosen the laces for more freedom of movement and flexibility.
In addition, snowboard boots with laces are often lighter and more flexible than boots with more advanced closure systems, making them suitable for a variety of riding styles and terrains. Whether you're into freestyle, freeride, or all-mountain snowboarding, lace-up boots offer the versatility and performance every snowboarder needs.
In addition, lace-up boots tend to be slightly cheaper than models with advanced closure systems, making them an attractive choice for snowboarders on a limited budget.
All in all, snowboard boots with laces are a reliable and accessible option for snowboarders of all levels, allowing them to explore the mountains in comfort and with confidence.

Buy snowboard boots with laces online

Looking for new snowboard boots that feature a lace closure? Then you've come to the right place at! In our collection you'll find snowboard boots from the best brands like Burton, VANS, ThirtyTwo, Nidecker and Rome. Order online and we'll ship your new snowboard boots as fast as possible with PostNL. Do you need more information or do you want to try on different snowboard boots? Come to our snowboard shop and let us advise you. We always measure your feet first to determine the right size. It's also important to try on and compare different models. Check out our collection of snowboard boots with speedlace closure and snowboard boots with hybrid closure.

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