Rome snowboards

Why choose Rome snowboards?

All Rome snowboards are born from an idealistic idea. That could be an ideal line through the park, a great powder day or just a specific riding style. Years of experience and the knowledge of exclusive materials allow Rome snowboards to translate the idea into yet another typical Rome snowboard. The more you know about the construction of a snowboard, the better you can choose which Rome snowboard suits you best.

Fast base under Rome snowboards

The bottom of a snowboard, also called base, is the surface that actually glides on the snow. Rome snowboards have several variations, the best one for you depends on your budget and priorities.

Rome snowboards

Rome Snowboards with an Impact Base feature an extruded base. This type of base is durable and affordable. In addition, damage to this type of base is easy to repair.

The Powerslide Base under Rome snowboards is an improved, faster and more durable extruded base.

Going for speed? Then choose a Rome snowboard with a sintered base, such as Sintered-speedbase or Sinterstrong Base.

Rome snowboard

What's in the core of these snowboards?

Rome snowboards are known for their pop. The secret is an exclusive technology called Rome snowboards Hotrods. These are thin columns of carbon or bamboo milled directly into the wooden core. In models like the Rome Ravine Select, National and Freaker, the Hotrods are contained in an extra carbon shell we call Omega Construction.

Hotrods enhance the flex and increase the response of a Rome snowboard. Depending on exactly where Rome places these Hotrods in a board, they can adjust the board's stability and pop. For example, they can provide extra support at the long nose of a freeride snowboard. Or, they are used at the tail of boards like the Ravine to increase the drive out of turns.

You will also find Impact Plates in some Rome snowboards. The extra layers of fiberglass are located directly under the inserts. These plates provide extra reinforcement where the bindings are most heavily loaded. This increases durability and effectively dampens vibrations from a Rome snowboard.

Rome buy a snowboard online

Looking for a new Rome snowboard? Then is the place to be. Besides great boards, our collection also includes Rome bindings and snowboard boots. Romesnowboard boots. Do you know which Rome snowboard suits you best? Then order online. Are you in doubt or do you want more information? Visit our snowboard shop to see the great collection of Rome snowboards.