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Rome SDS (Snowboard Design Syndicate) was founded in 2001 by Josh Reed and Paul Maravetz in Waterbury, VT. Both men previously worked at Burton Snowboards in their marketing and product design departments. Together they felt that the snowboard industry was releasing too many average products accompanied by large marketing budgets.

This prompted them to start their own company (Rome SDS) and focus on making superior products rather than conventional marketing. Unlike other brands, Rome is not owned by a ski company. Snowboarding is their sole focus and they embrace the characters that make snowboarding what it is today.

Rome produces everything you need on the mountain, from Rome snowboards, Rome snowboots Rome bindings to full outerwear and apparel. Since day 1, talking about snowboards and snowboarding has been a fundamental aspect of Rome SDS, the ongoing conversation that helps Rome grow as a brand is the Syndicate they stand for, join us!

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