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All about Nitro Phantom+ bindings

The new Nitro Phantom Plus binding offers a seasoned snowboarder more control, finesse, comfort and turning ability all over the mountain


Meet the Nitro Phantom+ Binding: Enrich Your Snowboarding Experience

The all-new Nitro Phantom+ binding is designed to offer seasoned snowboarders a superior level of control, finesse, comfort and responsiveness on a variety of mountain terrain. Whether gliding smoothly down groomed slopes, exploring off-piste terrain or seeking adventure in the backcountry, the Phantom Plus is ready to take your snowboarding experience to the next level.

Air+ footbed

One of the standout features of the Phantom Plus binding is the exclusive AIR+ footbed, which offers the most comfortable and responsive cushioning system in the industry. This technology allows you to ride longer, reduce fatigue and improve your overall snowboarding experience. The 4mm high heel provides lightning-fast and precise edge-to-edge movement, allowing riders of all levels to make turns with the finesse of a pro.

The Phantom+ base frame and Phantom+ Highback create a seamless interface that provides optimal power transfer and control. Whether you're stringing together turns at your local ski area or tackling the challenging Alaskan slopes, these bindings are ready for it. The Phantom+ Premium Locked Down ankle straps, combined with the Übergrip Toe strap, offer an unparalleled fit and ultimate response, transferring your movements directly to your snowboard.

Durability is a key focus of the Phantom+ bindings. The cable-reinforced connectors and ratchets, along with the forged aluminum SPeedwheel buckles, are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy use, ensuring that these bindings continue to provide service season after season.

If you're looking for bindings that set new standards in fit and control, with particular attention to edge control on all types of mountain terrain, the Nitro Phantom+ snowboard bindings are the ideal choice for this winter. Enrich your snowboarding experience and conquer the mountains with confidence by buckling into the Phantom Plus bindings and unleashing your full potential on the snow.







M 7.0-10.5 38.5 - 43.5 25.0-28.5
L 11.0-14.0 44 - 48 29.0-32.0
General specifications
About this snowboard
 Nitro Phantom + Aloy
Technical specifications
 Nitro Phantom + Aloy Technical SPecifications

Technical SPecifications

Nitro strongly believes that implementing small initiatives, such as eliminating plastic in our packaging, material choices, sustainable designs and now offsetting our climate emissions, can significantly improve the overall quality and longevity of our products while being kinder to Mother Earth.

Baseplate 3º canted footbed

Brings your knee and body into the most natural and ergonomic position on the board.

Toe strap Uber Grip Toe strap

Vibram toe-strap that adapts seamlessly to the shape of your shoe and stays firmly in place due to the use of Vibram.

Ratchets Easy entry buckles and ratchets

These S-curved rathet straps stay out of the way as you step into the binding. The wide-mouth funnel helps guide your ratchet for an ultra-fast, precise bite on your buckles.

Discs 2x4 Mini disc

Evolution at the peak smaller footprint and less impact on the board's natural flex, Nitro's mini discs set the standard in disc functionality. The new snap feature lets you choose and lock your binding angle before mounting your bindings - set once, never lose again! Compatible with a Channel mounting system

Extras Board saver technology

The corners on the baseplate of the bindings are rounded, a hard friction point where the binding and board meet. The rounded corners under the binding allow the board to flex more naturally around the baseplate of the binding, providing a more natural ride and less tension on the board in these areas.

Straps Premium Locked Down Ankle Strap

Designed for maximum response and control, the premium Locked Down ankle strap is constructed of 45º density thermal foam for comfort, fiber-reinforced 3D spine for performance and assymetrically shaped for the ultimate fit.

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