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All about the Nitro Alternator

The new Alternator is the result of listening to Team Riders and pooling their experiences into a board that offers the best all-terrain ride on the market for any experienced rider

 Nitro Alternator All about the Nitro Alternator

The new directional shape and progressive width provide more float and surface area for turns, sprays and stomping, while the high kick in the tail allows for effortless switch pow riding

 Nitro Alternator All about the Nitro Alternator

The specific blend of Trüe Camber, Reflex Core Profile and Diamond Band provides a natural flex and board support; Nitro is known for making the most of every situation with this board


Discover the Nitro Alternator

The Nitro Alternator is the pinnacle of snowboard technology, a masterpiece born from listening to our Team Riders and channeling their experiences into a board that offers the best all-terrain ride on the market for the most demanding riders. Jared Elston and Griffin Seibert, two dedicated snowboarders who have proven themselves on the Team Pro, Banker and Team boards, wanted to combine the best of all these boards to create a board that excels on deeper days, but still maintains the everyday riding feel. Can we proudly say that the Alternator is a true "Quiver Killer"?

The Alternator's new directional design and progressive width are designed to provide more float and surface area, resulting in smooth turns, impressive snow splashes and perfect landings. The distinctive high kick in the tail allows for effortless switch pow riding, giving you ultimate control even in the deepest powder. Whether you enjoy backcountry descents or technical jumps in the park, the Nitro Alternator consistently delivers top performance.

The secret of the Nitro Alternator lies in the perfect balance of technologies. Trüe Camber, Reflex Core Profile and Diamond Band work seamlessly together to provide natural flex and support, giving you confidence in your board no matter the conditions. This combination of advanced features is what makes Nitro an established name in the snowboarding world.

In addition, the Bi-Lite Laminates and Powerlite Core provide the response and pop that professional snowboarders demand. These materials are carefully selected to ensure durability and performance on both natural and man-made features. As icing on the cake, the Sintered SPeed Formula II finish ensures that you experience unprecedented speed that will keep your adrenaline pumping and your nights filled with dreams of epic rides.

In essence, the Nitro Alternator is the pinnacle of innovation and performance in the world of snowboarding. Whether you're a seasoned pro who sees the mountains as a playground or just looking for the ultimate all-terrain freestyle snowboarding experience, the Alternator has everything you need. Dare to brave the mountains with this extraordinary piece of technology. It's time to push your limits and take your snowboarding adventure to new heights with the Nitro Alternator.



157 160 162 wide
Nose width (mm) 298 300 308
Tail width (mm) 293 295 304
Waist width (mm) 254 256 264
Effective edge (mm) 1110 1140 1140
Rider Weight (lbs) 130-175 145-185 155+
Rider Weight (kg) 60-80 65-85 70+
Setback (mm) -15 -15 -15
General specifications
About this snowboard
Freestyle / Park
Grip on ice
Steep and technical terrain
High speed carving
Original Rocker Camber
 Nitro Alternator Original Rocker Camber
Designed by Jared Elston and Griffin Seibert
 Nitro Alternator Designed by Jared Elston and Griffin Seibert
Technical specifications
 Nitro Alternator Technical SPecifications

Technical SPecifications

Nidecker Snowboards offers you an extra year warranty against manufacturer defects. Register your board HERE to extend your warranty from two to three years.

Base Sintered Fomula II base

The Nitro Sintered SPeed Formula II Base is an advanced base material that offers snowboarders an unprecedented feeling of speed and durability on the mountain. With its ability to hold wax and exceptional durability, this base provides a smooth and fast ride no matter the conditions.

Core Powerlite Core + Reflex Core

This core is designed to offer a combination of lightness and strength, allowing snowboarders to experience responsive performance and maneuverability without sacrificing durability. The Reflex Core Profile is designed with an advanced core construction where the center of the snowboard is slightly retracted. This provides responsive flex in the center of the board for easy turns and control, while the tip and tail of the board are firmer for high-speed stability and landings.

Extras in the core Diamond Band

Carbon stringers are ultra-strong yet lightweight. Tip-to-tail stringers transmit rider input to help you steer your board and maintain control

Outline Progressive Sidecut

A larger radius at the front, transitioning into a tighter one toward the tail: The progressive sidecut makes accelerating out of turns a breeze, while the nose remains cath-free.

Profile True Camber

Camber is a distinctive snowboard profile where the center of the board curves up and the contact points at the tip and tail rest on the snow. This creates an arch-like shape and provides better grip, response and pop.

Shape Directional

A directional shape provides improved performance and stability when riding in one direction, especially when freeriding and on powder.

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