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All about the Nidecker Odyssey

The Nidecker Odyssey is an elegant freeride snowboard with a Directional Surfy Camrock profile, wood veneer topsheet, sintered N7000 base and a mid-stiff flex for versatile performance on a variety of terrains.

 Nidecker Odyssey All about the Nidecker Odyssey

The Odyssey is a modern women's shape that combines maximum float at the nose with an aggressive sidecut and shorter tail.

 Nidecker Odyssey All about the Nidecker Odyssey

Construction is packed with premium materials, including our Master Core for tip-to-tail response and an ash veneer topsheet that dampens vibrations and provides a beautiful matte finish.


Meet the Nidecker Odyssey

Where the art of snowboarding merges with a new level of performance. This remarkable board that embodies the essence of freeriding with unparalleled design and advanced technology.

The Nidecker Odyssey is a true expression of elegance and innovation. Designed for those seeking a harmonious combination of surf-inspired style and all-mountain versatility, this board offers a ride like no other.

Directional Surfy Camrock

Central to the power of the Odyssey is the revolutionary Directional Surfy Camrock profile. This advanced design delivers the perfect balance of control, buoyancy and playfulness. Whether cutting through powder or carving across groomed slopes, this profile delivers precision and responsiveness.

The Wood Veneer Topsheet embodies the beauty of nature and adds authenticity to the Odyssey. Crafted with a blend of durable wood and modern technology, it completes the board's aesthetic and adds to its overall strength and performance.

Fast N7000 base

Below the surface, the Sintered N7000 Base enhances the Odyssey's speed and durability. Its exceptional gliding ability allows you to dominate any terrain, from powder bowls to groomed slopes. Get ready for unparalleled stability and a ride that will leave others in awe.

The Odyssey has a mid-stiff flex aimed at riders who demand both power and finesse. This flex pattern achieves a delicate balance, maintaining the responsiveness needed for technical descents while leaving enough playfulness for creative expression.

Whether you're cleaving the backcountry or making your mark in the park, the Nidecker Odyssey is your ultimate companion. Its technical wonder combined with aesthetic grace make it a versatile partner for all your freeride adventures. From effortless turns to adrenaline-pumping descents, this board adapts to your style and takes your riding experience to new heights.

With the Nidecker Odyssey in your arsenal, you hold the key to unlocking a world of possibilities on the mountain. It's not just another snowboard; it embodies your passion and pursuit of perfection. Elevate your freeride game and redefine your limits with the Nidecker Odyssey - where innovation meets inspiration.



143 147 151 155 158
Nose lenght (mm) 370 370 370 370 370
Tail lenght (mm) 150 150 150 150 150
Sidecut radius (m) 7.2 7.4 7.6 7.8 8.2
Nose width (mm) 277 283 289 293 298
Tail width (mm) 272 278 283 287 291
Waist width (mm) 239 243 247 250 254
Taper (mm) -5 -5 -6 -6 -7
Riders weight (kg) 45 - 55 50 - 60 55 - 70 60 - 75 65+
132-165 99 -121 110 -143 121 -154 143 - 165 143+
General specifications
About this snowboard
Freestyle / Park
Steep and technical terrain
High speed carving
Grip on ice
Surfy Camrock
 Nidecker Odyssey Surfy Camrock
 Nidecker Odyssey Techweel
Technical specifications
 Nidecker Odyssey Technical SPecifications

Technical SPecifications

Nidecker Snowboards offers you an extra year warranty against manufacturer defects. Register your board HERE to extend your warranty from two to three years.

Base Sintered N7000 Base

The N7000, developed exclusively doo Nidecker, is an extremely strong, sintered base with added carbon nanoparticles that provide exceptional sliding resistance.

Core Master core

The Master Core construction is the result of long history of experimentation with materials and woodworking by Nidecker. It is the perfect harmony of different wood densities and varieties (poplar, beech, spruce and paulownia), resulting in a superior weight-performance-force ratio and an ultra-strong, extra-responsive, lightweight core.

Glass Triax plus

This triax laminate is the result of extensive testing with pro riders and engineers. It is laid at a 45-degree angle to the board and contains different glass densities. This ensures a consistent torsional flex, better pop and more responsiveness on every run

Topsheet Wood Veneer

This top layer of wood veneer offers extra resilience and is the most natural way to find the best balance between abs option and pop.

Profile Surfy CamRock

Increase buoyancy and maintain carve performance for a rearfoot ride

Shape Directional

A directional shape provides improved performance and stability when riding in one direction, especially when freeriding and on powder snow

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