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Snowboard sharpening sets: a must for maximum grip on the slopes

If you are an avid snowboarder, you know better than anyone else that a well sharpened steel edge is a must for good grip. A good snowboard sharpening set should therefore not be missing from your equipment. A well sharpened snowboard offers more grip and a better gliding ability. In our collection of snowboard maintenance materials you'll find complete sharpening sets from brands like Oneballand Holmenkolwhich contains everything you need to polish the steel side of your snowboard.

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Sharpening set to sharpen your snowboard or ski yourself

The majority of winter sports enthusiasts sharpen their ski or snowboard once a year. Is that sufficient maintenance for your ski or snowboard? That depends on several factors. For example, how long do you go on winter sports, what conditions do you encounter? When you own a snowboard sharpening kit you can sharpen your steel edge at all times. When the slopes are icy, the steel side of your snowboard or ski will be blunted or rounded faster than when you have lots of fresh snow. After two or three days of boarding on icy slopes, you already notice that you have lost a lot of grip. If you brought a sharpening kit with you during your vacation, you can get the steel edge super sharp again. This increases your grip and fun for the rest of the week.

Snowboard sharpening set to sharpen your snowboard yourself

If you expect or demand good grip at all times, regular steel edge sharpening is a must. We offer complete sharpening sets containing all the necessary items to sharpen the steel edges of your ski or snowboard so you will always experience a perfect grip. We often get the question; How regularly should you sharpen? It depends in what conditions you have been skiing or snowboarding. If the slope is quite hard it is logical that the steel edge will become blunt and less sharp faster. Is there not much snow and are there pebbles visible? Then you will soon have burrs on the steel side. With an oxide stone you can remove the burrs and polish the steel side with a diamond file.

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Order your sharpening set easily and quickly at Do you want to start maintaining your snowboard yourself and need tips or explanations? Come to our snowboard shop. We are happy to help you get started and teach you the basics of sharpening your snowboard yourself. Besides complete grinding sets, we also have complete wax sets in our collection.

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