Holmenkol ski and snowboard waxing and sharpening kit

Thinking of waxing your skis or snowboard? Then you immediately think of Holmenkol. This brand has been making wax since 1922, making it the oldest brand making ski wax. In addition, the brand stands for top performance in textile care.

  • Ski and snowboard waxing
  • Ski and snowboard waxing
  • Textile care

The best performance is achieved when you start maintaining and tuning your ski or snowboard yourself. It is not very difficult but it is important to follow the right order. It is also important to use the right materials. You always start by sharpening the steel edges first. Only when the steel edges are completely sharp can you start waxing. Would you like to get started? We are happy to help you get started. We regularly give waxing and sharpening workshops. Please contact us and ask about the possibilities. We have already put together a number of complete sets from Holmenkol for you so you immediately have the right supplies.

Holmenkol sharpening set

Want to wax or sharpen your ski or snowboard yourself? Then a snowboard sharpening set from Holmenkol is indispensable. A well sharpened steel edge provides more grip, better gliding ability and makes the steel edge stay sharp longer. In addition to all kinds of files such as, diamond, stone and iron files, Holmenkol also offers a complete sharpening set. This sharpening set includes the following items:

  • Diamond file medium
  • Pro file
  • Edge Trick
  • Schleifgummi

holmenkol wax

Sharpen your own ski or snowboard with Holmenkol?

Never again with a blunt steel edge into the snow! Important is that you always work from coarse to fine. During winter sports you can easily touch up the steel edge for maximum grip in the hard snow. Convinced to start sharpening yourself? Check out the entire collection of sharpening products here. Do you still find it exciting and want to see exactly how to do it first? No problem. Come along to our showroom in Nijverdal. We are happy to help you! For example, we can sharpen your ski or snowboard together. We will teach you step by step the correct order. In addition, we give you tips on how to create more grip by sharpening the steel edge at a certain angle.

Holmenkol wax set

After your snowboard or ski has been sharpened you can wax the base or belay. This can be done in different ways but the best way is with hot wax. The wax is applied with an iron. First make sure your board is clean. This can be done with Holmenkol WaxAb spray or with a hot wax for hot conditions. To make it easy for you, Holmenkol has put together a wax set with all the necessities to properly wax your ski or snowboard. This set consists of the following items:

  • Smartwaxer
  • Syntetic brush
  • Horsehair brush
  • Copper brush
  • Wax ab 200ml
  • Binding stopper
  • FX strips black 5 pcs
  • Scraper 3mm
  • Worldcup mix Cold red-blue 2x35gr.
  • Worldcup mix Hot yellow-red 2x35gr.
  • waxbox


Want to wax your ski or snowboard yourself?

We recommend you to wax your ski or snowboard yourself! You can decide for yourself which wax to use. In most stores they wax your ski or snowboard with all-round wax. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you go on a winter sports trip late in the season it is advisable to use wax for warm conditions. In addition, you can use an iron to get the melted wax deeper into the belay so you can apply multiple layers. Would you like to start snowboard waxing? And are you wondering how to wax your board? We would love to help you get started. We give regular waxing clinics in our snowboard shop. We also offer the possibility to wax your snowboard together. We explain step by step what it involves

Holmenkol slijpset

Holmenkol Liquid wax

Holmenkol has developed something new that makes waxing while on vacation a lot easier. Most liquid waxes are fine for a day. The brand has now launched a liquid version of the popular Alpha, beta and Ultra mix. This liquid wax applies easily with a cloth. Unlike most liquid waxes, it penetrates deeply into your base. Apply after skiing or snowboarding, so it can be absorbed while you sleep. Brush it off and your snowboard or ski is ready for another great day.

Holmenkol Betamix all temperture wax

The most sold Holmenkol wax is the Betamix. This wax is suitable for all temperatures and serves as a good base. Basically, with a new snowboard or ski, you could apply several coats of Betamix wax. From the factory, the boards and skis are minimally waxed. So before you go out in the snow for the first time with your new addition you should wax it well. After the surface is well waxed you can apply a finish. For extra glide you can apply a fluorine layer with Holmenkol Racing Base LF21 wax.

Sequence for ski or snowboard waxing with Holmenkol

Waxing and polishing your ski or snowboard yourself is great fun. It increases your enjoyment of winter sports. But what is the right order? Very simple. You always start by sharpening your snowboard or ski first.

Sequence ski and snowboard sharpening with Holmenkol

  1. Secure your ski or snowboard with the right clamps such as Holmenkol Freeride Fix.
  2. Check for burrs on the steel side. You do this by looking closely, of course, but also by feeling carefully. Do you feel unevenness? Then go along the steel side with the Oxyd mini. Put the pink stone in a file holder and let the stone slide along the steel side. You will hear and feel when the bumps are gone.
  3. Does the steel edge already have a correct angle? For example, 88° or 89°? Then it's a matter of getting it sharp now. Did you buy a new ski or snowboard? Then the angle is always 90°. You should then grind a new angle into it.
  4. If the steel side has taken a beating during winter sports, start with a coarser file. For example a Holmenkol Racing File L Maxi. It goes without saying that a coarse file removes more steel than a fine file.
  5. After the steel side is even and the bumps are gone, do the same again but with a finer file such as the Holmenkol Racing File M Maxi.
  6. After grinding with files, grinding burrs remain on the steel side. The steel edge looks sharp and yes, if you run your nail along it the steel edge scrapes off a layer of nail. Getting it even sharper is done with Diamond files. As with large files, always apply from coarse to fine. A medium diamond file will do just fine.
  7. After sharpening do not forget to blunt the contact points with a Holmenkol Schleifgummi. If you do not do this, you will notice that your ski or snowboard will bite when turning in.

Snowboard waxing with Holmenkol

  1. Before you start waxing the base should be clean. You can clean it with Holmenkol Waxab. This removes dirt that you would otherwise push into your base with wax.
  2. Check your base for damage. These can happen when you hit a stone. These holes or cracks can be filled with Repair Strips.
  3. Before applying wax brush the base with a copper brush. This opens up the structure of the base so that it can absorb wax better. Do this every time before waxing.
  4. To remove the old wax from the base, apply a layer of soft wax, such as Holmenkol Alpha Mix. This yellow wax performs best in the fall when temperatures are higher. You can also use this wax to clean your base even deeper. Apply the wax with a wax iron and spread it over your base. After 5 minutes of waxing scrape the wax right off the bottom of your board or ski. The wax is still a little soft and will pull the dirt out of the pores of your base.
  5. Now you can apply the base coat with Beta Mix. But before you apply this layer you need to brush again with the buy brush. Apply the wax and spread it over the base. Let the wax dry thoroughly for at least half an hour. Preferably a little longer.
  6. When the wax has cured well you need to scrape the excess wax from your board. This is done with a Holmenkol Plexiklinge or scraper. Use your thumbs to push the scraper away from you in the longitudinal direction.
  7. Have you finished applying multiple layers of wax? Then brush your base with a horsehair brush. This brush is softer than the copper brush. Brushing with the horsehair brush will bring out the texture again.

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Convinced to get started with Holmenkol? Take a look at our entire collection of wax articles. Would you prefer more information? Or do you want to see how we do it? You can! Come by our showroom in Nijverdal and we will be happy to help you.