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All about the Clew Freedom 1.0 bindings

You want the speed and simplicity of a Step-in binding, but you want to choose your own boat. With CLEW® Step-In bindings, you have the freedom to choose


Discover the Clew Freedom 1.0 bindings

With the Clew Freedom bindings, you not only get the speed and simplicity of a Step-in binding, but also retain the freedom to choose your own snowboard boot. These bindings offer the ultimate freedom of choice, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a simple step-in and step-out system without compromising your personal snowboard boot preference. Whether you're pushing your limits on the slopes, ripping through pristine powder or showing off your skills at the fun park - the Clew Freedom bindings are ready for whatever adventure you have in mind. Your snow adventure starts here!

Clew Freedom bindings are designed with full compatibility in mind, fitting all common mounting systems, including 4x4, 4x2, Channel and 3D*. For older boards with a 3-point screw mount, a separate mounting disc is even available in Clew's online store, making these bindings suitable for a wide range of snowboards.

What really sets the Clew Freedom bindings apart is their perfect balance of comfort and control, making them ideal for "All-Mountain" use. With a medium-hard response, these bindings offer direct and precise control, giving snowboarders the confidence to ride on different terrains and explore different styles.

Clew Freedom's patented hybrid system combines a traditional ratchet binding with the convenience of an easy entry and exit system. This offers snowboarders the best of both worlds: the precision of a traditional binding and the comfort of a step-in system.

Whether you prefer carving on the slopes, powder riding in the backcountry or performing tricks in the park, Clew Freedom bindings are designed to meet all your needs. The versatility and performance of these bindings allow snowboarders to ride with confidence and explore every aspect of snowboarding.
With Clew Freedom, you not only get the freedom to choose your own boot, but also the flexibility to enjoy various terrains and riding styles. Get in, experience the convenience of the Clew system and get ready for an amazing snowboarding season. Your adventure awaits, and Clew Freedom will take you there.







EU 34-39.5 40-43 44-48
Mondo / CM 22.5-25.5 26-28.5 29-32
General specifications
About this snowboard
Flex baseplate
Flex highback
 CLEW® Freedom 1.0 White
Technical specifications
 CLEW® Freedom 1.0 White Technical SPecifications

Technical SPecifications

Organize is a system to keep your desk tidy and photo-worthy all day long. Procastinate your work while you meticulously arrange items into dedicated trays.

Mounting system

Fully compatible with all common mounting systems (4x4 / 4x2 / Channel)

Why unique?

Patented hybrid system that combines traditional ratchet binding and comfortable step-in/out


High-quality plastics TPU, EVA and PA6-I + fiberglass.

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