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Welcome to the wonderful world of snowboarding! We are delighted to assist you in making the right choice among various snowboards, boots, bindings, or other snowboard-related items. Make the most of your next skiing trip with the snowboarding gear that suits you best!


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What flex rating is suitable for beginners? plus-icon

As a beginner, you usually want a binding with a medium flex rating. This provides enough responsiveness to have control but also enough forgiveness for making mistakes and developing your skills.

Should I choose specific bindings based on my riding style as a beginner? plus-icon

As a beginner, you don't need to worry too much about bindings based on your riding style. All-mountain bindings are usually the best choice for beginners because they are suitable for various terrains and styles of snowboarding.

Is it worth investing in more expensive bindings as a beginner? plus-icon

As a beginner, you don't necessarily need to buy the most expensive bindings. There are affordable beginner bindings that are excellent for starting out. Focus on finding quality bindings that fit well with your snowboard boots and riding style.

What are beginner snowboard bindings, and how do they differ from more advanced bindings? plus-icon

Beginner snowboard bindings are specially designed for snowboarders who are just starting with the sport. They typically have a simpler design and are easier to adjust. They offer a good balance between flexibility and responsiveness to assist beginners in developing their skills.

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Cool that you're going snowboarding! When you are looking for your first snowboard run of your own, you might have a lot of questions. Besides a good beginner snowboard, you also need a set of snowboard bindings for beginners. A good beginner binding is usually one with a soft flex. Bindings with a soft flex are also called freestyle bindings. The price of a good beginner snowboard binding is often a bit lower. This has to do with the materials used to make the bindings. In our extensive collection of snowboard bindings, you'll find beginner bindings from the best brands like; Clew, Burton, Rome, Union, Flow, Nidecker and BentMetal.

beginner snowboardbinding

What to look out for when buying a snowboard binding for beginners?

When buying a snowboard binding for beginners, there are some important factors to consider. As a beginner snowboarder, it is crucial to choose a binding that helps you develop your snowboarding skills while being comfortable and easy to use.

Flexibility plays an essential role in choosing the right beginner binding. A binding with soft to medium flexibility is ideal for beginners. A flexible binding is more forgiving and makes it easier to turn and steer, which is important if you want to improve your balance and control during your first rides on the snowboard.

Adjustability is also key with a snowboard binding beginner. Make sure the bindings have enough adjustability so you can adjust them to suit your personal preferences and growth as a snowboarder. Adjustable straps and highbacks can improve comfort and performance as you gain more experience.

Make sure the snowboard bindings are compatible with your snowboard and snowboard boots. Compatibility is crucial to ensure that the bindings fit properly on your snowboard and keep your feet firmly in place while snowboarding.

Safety is a priority, especially for beginners. Make sure the bindings are equipped with sturdy and reliable buckles and straps to keep your feet safely on the snowboard, even during unexpected movements.

Budget is also a factor to consider. Fortunately, there are affordable, good-quality bindings available that are perfect for beginners.

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snowboardbinding voor beginners

Stand snowboard bindings beginner

Are you snowboarding with your own equipment for the first time? Then pay close attention to the distance between the bindings and the position of the bindings. You can determine the distance between the two bindings by measuring the distance from the center of your kneecap to the ground. On most snowboards, this is referred to as "reference stance." Do you have more experience? Then you could set the binding 2-4 further apart. In this case, choose matching advanced snowboard bindings. For Real professionals, there are the most solid bindings for experts within our collection.

The degree position is also important. Are you a beginner and want to find out which style suits you best? Do you want to learn to snowboard both ways? Then we recommend the 15 ˚, - 15 ˚ stance, also called duck stance.

How much does a beginner snowboard binding cost?

The price of beginner snowboard bindings varies depending on the brand, model and specifications. In general, beginner snowboard bindings are relatively affordable compared to more advanced and high-end models. Prices can range from about €120 to €200 or more.

At the lower end of the price range, you will find simple entry-level models with basic features and materials suitable for beginners. These bindings are usually made of simple plastics and have limited adjustment options, but they still offer enough comfort and performance for beginning snowboarders.

If you are willing to invest a little more, you can choose beginner snowboard bindings with more advanced features and materials. These can offer additional adjustability, better cushioning and more durable construction. They are often designed to grow with the snowboarder's skills, making them a good long-term investment.

It's important to set a budget that fits your needs and expectations. While it may be tempting to save on bindings, it is worth investing in a quality pair that will provide comfort and support as you learn to snowboard. Remember, beginner snowboard bindings are an essential part of your snowboarding equipment, so it's important to choose the best option that fits within your budget.

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Do you know exactly which beginner snowboard bindings will fit your snowboard? Then order the bindings safely and quickly online. Do you need more information to make the right choice? Feel free to contact us or drop by our snowboard shop. Besides the great women's snowboard bindings, you can also find great women's snowboards and snowboard boots in our webshop.

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