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Welcome to the wonderful world of snowboarding! We are delighted to assist you in making the right choice among various snowboards, boots, bindings, or other snowboard-related items. Make the most of your next skiing trip with the snowboarding gear that suits you best!


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What are the main differences between bindings for advanced and beginner snowboarders? plus-icon

Bindings for advanced snowboarders often have a higher level of adjustability, allowing you to fine-tune them to match your riding style and preferences. They may also have a stiffer design for more responsiveness and better power transfer at high speeds.

Which type of binding system is usually recommended for advanced snowboarders: traditional straps, step-on, or rear-entry? plus-icon

Traditional strap-in bindings are still popular among advanced snowboarders because of their adjustability and precision. Step-on and rear-entry bindings can be convenient, but advanced riders often prefer the precise fit of traditional strap-in bindings for more advanced maneuvers.

What are the benefits of high-end bindings compared to basic bindings for advanced snowboarders? plus-icon

High-end bindings often offer advanced features such as improved materials for lightweight construction, advanced and easy adjustment options, shock-absorbing cushioning systems, and advanced ankle and toe straps for added comfort and support during long rides.

Which flex rating is most suitable for advanced snowboarders? plus-icon

Advanced snowboarders typically prefer bindings with a stiffer flex rating. Stiffer bindings provide better control and responsiveness, allowing experienced riders to handle challenging terrain and faster descents more effectively.

Buy Snowboard bindings for advanced snowboarders

If you have been snowboarding for several years, you might call yourself an advanced snowboarder. When your level rises, you obviously need snowboard equipment with a high potential. Think of an advanced snowboard, snowboard boots with a medium flex or stiff flex, and advanced snowboard bindings. Advanced bindings tend to be a bit stiffer and more responsive. The stiffer the binding is, the more directly the binding transfers energy to the snowboard. Especially when you go faster, you will notice that this gives you more control compared to a more flexible binding.

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The price of an advanced snowboard binding is often just higher than a beginner binding. This has to do with the materials used to make the bindings. Often there are aluminum ratchets and more comfortable straps. Also, the baseplate and highback are made of a stronger material. In our extensive collection of snowboard bindings you'll find beginner bindings from the best brands like; Clew ,Bataleon, Burton,Rome, Union, Flow, Nidecker and Bent Metal.

What to look out for when buying an advanced snowboard binding?

When buying advanced snowboard bindings, there are several important factors to consider. As an advanced snowboarder, you probably have more specific requirements and expectations of your bindings. Here are some tips you should look out for:

  1. Flexibility: As an advanced snowboarder, you may want bindings with a specific flex that suits your riding style and preferences. A stiffer binding can offer more responsiveness and control, while a softer binding allows for more playfulness and flexibility.
  2. Binding Type: There are several types of bindings, including traditional strap bindings, rear-entry bindings and step-on bindings. Choose a type that best suits your comfort and experience.
  3. Adjustability: Advanced snowboarders often need specific settings to optimize their performance. Choose bindings with enough adjustability for highback rotation, strap position and forward lean.
  4. Material and Dampening: Look at the materials used in the bindings and look for additional dampening technology to reduce shock and vibration, which can be especially useful at high speeds and rough terrain.
  5. Compatibility: Make sure the bindings are compatible with your snowboard boots and snowboard board. Not all bindings fit all snowboards, so check the mounting options.
  6. Reviews: Read reviews and feedback from other snowboarders to get an idea of the performance and durability of the bindings.

By paying attention to these factors, you can choose snowboard bindings that perfectly match your level, style and preferences as an advanced snowboarder.

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After a few weeks of great snowboarding, you might have developed a preference for a certain riding style. Every riding style prefers a different stance. Are you a real freestyler and do you regularly ride in the funpark? Then it is advisable to set your snowboard bindings at an angle of +15 and -15 degrees. This makes it easy to ride both ways.
Are you more of a freerider and prefer to just carve? Then you could choose to put your bindings a little to the back and put your back foot a little straighter and the front foot a little more angled again.

What is the difference between snowboard binding advanced and beginner?

The difference between advanced and beginner snowboard bindings lies mainly in the technical specifications and performance features that match the level and riding style of snowboarders.

Bindings for beginners are typically designed with an emphasis on simplicity and forgiveness. They often have a softer flex, making them easier to control and offering more playfulness. Adjustment options are often more limited and the focus is on ease of use and comfort.

On the other hand, advanced bindings are designed with a more technical and performance-oriented approach. They often have a stiffer flex to provide more responsiveness and control at higher speeds and in challenging conditions. Advanced snowboarders can typically customize their bindings to their specific preferences, such as straps position and forward lean.

In addition, advanced bindings may incorporate more advanced materials and technologies, such as extra dampening to reduce shock, lightweight construction and advanced highbacks.

It is important to choose bindings that fit your level and riding style, as the right bindings can enhance your snowboarding experience and help you further develop your skills. Beginners are better off choosing bindings that are user-friendly, while advanced snowboarders can look for more technical and performance-oriented bindings that suit their needs.

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Do you know exactly which advanced snowboard bindings will fit your board? Then order the bindings safely and quickly online. Do you need more information to make the right choice? Feel free to contact us or drop by our snowboard shop. Besides great snowboard bindings, you can also find great snowboards and boots in our webshop.

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