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Bataleon is of course known for the Triple Base Technology. Bataleon comes out with a series of beautiful snowboard bindings for 2023. The Bataleon bindings perfectly match the snowboards in terms of features and colors. Since a lot of knowledge from Rome has been put into the bindings, you can safely say that the quality and fit will be fine!


The thoughts behind the brand Bataleon

Bataleon is known for their 3BT technology. This Triple Base Technology ensures that you keep as much grip as you are used to with a traditional camber but without the biting drawbacks. Because they used "Sidekick" to lift the sides of the tip and tail of the Bataleon snowboard, the contact points close to your snowboard binding are now easy to reach without the board snapping.

After long tinkering with finding a good 3D shape besides all the traditional "flat" snowboards, they have managed to really revolutionize it. You now even see big brands using 3D techniques in their snowboards as well.

Bataleon Buy at Sideways

Maybe you are thinking about buying a new snowboard. You might have heard through the grapevine that Bataleon is a great board. We agree. Do you still doubt whether Bataleon suits you? Visit our showroom and let us advise you which type of Bataleon snowboard suits you best. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee. Not completely satisfied after a week of snowboarding? No problem. We always aim for satisfied customers. Come back to our shop and explain what you didn't like about the board. We will look for a solution together. Would you like a different board? That is also possible. You pay the rental price for the board. You get the remaining amount back and can use it to choose another snowboard. Does it happen often? Fortunately not. We have extensive experience with Bataleon and we regularly test several models so we can give you good advice.

Do you buy a snowboard with us? Then we make the board completely piste-ready. We polish the steel edges and provide the board with a fresh layer of snowboard wax.

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Do you know exactly what Bataleon suits your riding style? Then order now safely and quickly online. Would you like some more information or do you doubt which length or size is best for you? Feel free to contact us or drop by our snowboard shop. Besides Bataleon, we also stock other great snowboard brands. Read all about Bataleon here!