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All about the Bataleon SPirit

The Push Up is a premium women's board that combines high-end materials with the latest 3D shaping to take your skills to the next level

 Bataleon Spirit All about the Bataleon SPirit

At the heart of every Bataleon is a combination of 3BT™ and positive camber. It is an innovative solution to the profile puzzle that minimizes the chance of edge grip without compromising ollie power or carve performance. From this premise, we refine each element based on the board's desired riding style.

 Bataleon Spirit All about the Bataleon SPirit

Proven Triple Base Technology™ raises edges so you're less likely to snag, while ShockWalls™ dampen vibrations and make your turns feel super smooth


Meet the Bataleon SPirit

At Bataleon, we are excited to introduce the Bataleon SPirit, our softest snowboard for women. This board is designed to make your snowboarding experience more fun and confident, no matter what terrain you ride. With proven Triple Base Technology™ and integrated ShockWalls™, the SPirit offers the ultimate recipe for smooth turns and increased confidence on the mountain. For a complete setup, the SPirit is also available as a set with matching bindings at select retailers.

The Bataleon SPirit is the perfect choice for snowboarders looking for a board that gives them more confidence on the slopes, in the park or in powder. With its soft flex, this board is playful and easy to ride, allowing you to improve your skills and have more fun.

This snowboard features Triple Base Technology™ (3BT™), a proven technology that lifts the edges of the board, making you less likely to snag when making turns. The result is a smooth and forgiving ride, no matter what terrain you ride on.

The Bataleon SPirit also features ShockWalls™, which dampen vibrations and keep your turns super smooth. This means you can ride with confidence and comfort, even on rougher sections of the mountain.

For the ultimate in convenience and style, the Bataleon SPirit is available as a set with matching bindings at select retailers. With this set, you not only get a great snowboard, but also matching bindings that match the SPirit perfectly for a consistent and aesthetic look.

The Bataleon SPirit is the ideal companion for women who want to improve their snowboarding experience and gain more confidence on the mountain. With its soft flex, Triple Base Technology™ and ShockWalls™, this board is designed for fun and performance. Choose the SPirit and experience the difference it can make in your snowboarding adventures. You will be amazed at the improvement in your confidence and smooth rides that the SPirit has to offer.








Nose width (mm)





Tail width (mm)





Waist width (mm)





Effective edge (mm)





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General specifications
About this snowboard
Freestyle / Park
Grip on ice
Steep and technical terrain
High speed carving
3D Shape
 Bataleon Spirit 3D Shape
Directional Twin
 Bataleon Spirit Directional Twin
Technical specifications
 Bataleon Spirit Technical SPecifications

Technical SPecifications

Bataleon Snowboards offers cutting-edge snowboard designs and technologies, including the revolutionary 3D shaping system, for an unparalleled riding experience on the mountain. With a strong focus on precision, performance and quality, Bataleon Snowboards is a leading brand offering snowboarders of all skill levels the tools to push their limits and dominate the mountain.

Base Hyper Glide S

The standard sintered base that is durable and fast - and even faster when waxed.

Core Pop Core

The classic, reliable poplar wood core.

Extras Shock Walls

This is our urethane-reinforced sidewall technology. ShockWalls make your ride smoother and more resistant to shock.

Glass Bi-Ax Lamination

A traditional two-way weave that is light, strong and playful; it keeps the board snappy without adding torsional stiffness, which is great for being creative.

Profile Medium Camber

Camber profiles are defined from low to high. Higher camber makes for more dynamic boards that need to be ridden more aggressively for maximum performance. Boards with lower camber are smoother at lower speeds and in powder. All camber profiles run from nose to tail. Higher is not always better...

Shape Directional Twin

A snowboard with a symmetrical outline and flex, but with a slightly offset setback binding position

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