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Step into the future of knee protection with the Amplifi MKX Knee - a revolutionary knee pad based on the latest 3D knitting technology. Designed to provide the ultimate combination of flexibility, comfort and protection, this knee pad sets a new standard in knee protection.

Seamless Design

The MKX Knee uses advanced 3D knitting technology to create a seamless, single, sock-thin sleeve that fits your body perfectly. This is the first knee pad of its kind and moves and molds effortlessly to your body. It feels like a second skin and offers unparalleled comfort.

Ergonomic Design

The MKX Knee's ergonomic design is based on 3D scans of real athletes. This ensures a perfect fit and complete freedom of movement without compromising your safety and comfort. You will hardly notice that you are wearing the protector.

The MKX Knee features the latest MKX knee pad with integrated disc (Level 1). This protector provides excellent protection and absorbs impact like a pro. It is also moisture-wicking, breathable, temperature-stable and easy to clean.

Articulating Design

Inspired by nature, the Articulating Design concept offers total freedom of movement without compromising your safety and comfort. The MKX Knee moves with your body no matter how intense your activity.

Body Map Construction

The Body Map Construction is based on the latest anthropometrics and ergonomics data, 3D body scans and advice from top sports scientists and injury specialists. This ensures a perfect fit and optimal protection in the right places.

Lightweight Construction

Lightweight construction ensures ideal use of materials and design principles, resulting in ultimate user benefit. Designed with smart product design in mind, the MKX Knee offers unparalleled performance.

ZeroWaste Manufacturing

During the manufacturing process of the MKX Knee, all leftover pieces and leftover materials are reused, resulting in a sustainable and environmentally friendly production.

In short, the Amplifi MKX Knee is the future of knee protection. With its seamless design, ergonomic fit and advanced technology, this knee pad offers unparalleled performance and comfort. Rely on the MKX Knee to protect your knees no matter your activity on the mountain.

Technical specifications
 Amplifi MKX Knee Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Amplifi offers advanced protection solutions for athletes, with innovative technologies and seamlessly designed products that combine comfort and safety. Their range includes kneepads, helmets, back protectors and more, designed to protect athletes without sacrificing performance.

Air Circulation

Air Circulation is Amplifi's specially designed ventilation system for temperature control.

CE marking

The CE mark indicates that the product complies with strict health, safety and environmental protection standards. It is mandatory for certain products sold within the European Economic Area.

Non-Slip Grip

Non-Slip Grip ensures a perfect fit with extra silicone or foam embossed on the hem openings. It also keeps your gear in place for maximum comfort and protection.

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