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Are you looking for a quality snowboard jacket that makes you stand out from the crowd? Check out our Airblaster snowboard jackets. The awesome American brand is the only company owned and operated by snowboarders. That's why they produce Airblaster snowboard jackets.

The brand Airblaster is based in Oregon, from where they serve the whole world with high quality snowboard jackets, where having fun, feeling of freedom and an overall good product at a good price are paramount.

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Airblaster snowboard jackets in different styles.

Airblaster makes for every target group, different styles of snowboard jackets in different price segments. The Airblaster collection can be divided into three styles.

  1. The Beast series includes shell jackets with high technical demands. Think of a 3-layer system, 30k water column and completely wind and waterproof.
  2. Glacier series, this rugged line comes with a wide range of padded snowboard jackets with a water column of 15K and completely windproof.
  3. Freedom series, this is a cool series with lined and snowboard jackets with a water column up to 10k.

airblaster snowboard jassen

#Staywild with Airblaster jackets

Airblaster is all about getting the most out of your days on the slopes. #Staywild is their motto. Days on the slopes are often limited. So, when you're on the slopes, everything just has to be right and you shouldn't be messing around with snowboard jackets that literally leave you out in the cold. All Airblaster jackets have a snow catcher to keep snow out when you make a slide. Going snowboarding in the spring? Or are you getting too hot during an intense day on the mountain? Quickly unzip the zippers under the armpits of your Airblaster jacket for fresh air and extra ventilation.

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Have you already spotted a cool Airblaster snowboard jacket? Then order it online at Would you rather see the Airblaster jackets in person? Of course you can! Visit our snowboard shop to see the entire collection. Airblaster collection

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